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Feb 2018

Myrina Jewelry is an online jewelry retailer and my first e-commerce site.

The vision for my brand came from my experience in the industry and the lack of branded body jewelry. 

Myrina Jewelry has also been a great tool for me to apply in depth all the knowledge that I've acquire through online certifications, and work experience.



As the owner of Myrina, my responsibilities can run the gamut from building a business plan to everything that is involved in executing such plans. Although I wear many hats, it is creating content for the brand what I enjoy the most. 


I also find very satisfying seeing marketing efforts and my investment translate into sales and brand exposure. 




Although I'm still learning from this project, I could say that more than ever I've understood the importance and value of collecting and annalizing data in order to accomplish goals. 




Digital Marketing


  • Marketing automation using HubSpot

  • Social media management though Hootsuite

  • Content creation

  • SEO management 

  • Adwords account management and strategy

  • Facebook Business management 


Business Management


  • Business planning

  • Budgeting

  • Accounting

  • Public relations


Graphic Design


  • Logo design

  • Packaging design and production

  • Email design using Mailchimp

  • Product image 

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