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JUL 2018

Cheeks Swimwear's #Loveyourself campaign was definitely one of the most satisfying projects I've been part of. The main goal was to make women feel confident about their bodies through positive messages and education about the body image issues that women face. 




Working in the swimwear industry I've come across women with all kinds of body types feeling ashamed or disappointed about their "bikini look" in the fitting room mirrors, this insecurity translates into a negative attitude towards bathing suit shopping, a tense situation for the salesperson and not to mention a negative emotional effect in customers.


I thought a way to fix this issue was to remind women that their self-worth is not based on how their body looks or the size they are wearing. I decided to design mirror decals with positive and empowering quotes that were placed inside Kallone's fitting rooms. The idea was then extrapolated to an in-store event for Kallone and adopted by the new launching brand Cheeks swimwear. 


An increase in Cheeks Swimwear sales was noticed, as well as a higher fitting room conversion rate, most importantly, the campaign encouraged women to love their bodies.




Through the conceptualization of this campaign, I worked very closely with the sales team, in fact, the idea to start this campaign came from listening to sales associates' frustration about women not feeling happy with their bodies and how this problem, that goes beyond being a good salesperson,  was affecting our sales.


To be sure a campaign serves its purpose, apart from analyzing data,  I always try to work with everyone that's involved directly with the customer, in this case, it was the stylists. The results from this campaign, in particular, highlighted the importance of partnering with other departments to understand better the audience in order for initiatives to be relevant and have a stronger impact.  



  • Campaign planning and execution

  • Creative direction

  • Graphic design

  • Branding

  • Email marketing  

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