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I'm Matcha, UGC Creator

Meet Matcha

and her human

Toronto dog content creator UGC dog influencer

Meet Matcha, a four-legged adventurer with a remarkable story. Matcha was rescued from a dog meat slaughterhouse in Korea by the Free Korean Dogs team and adopted in 2019 at the age of 1 by her human, Gabriela.


Gabriela is an outdoors enthusiast and a devoted dog lover with a deep passion for her career in marketing.

Hand in paw, Matcha and Gabriela enjoy curating compelling content that highlights their latest canine discoveries – from innovative dog products to dog-friendly locales – all while capturing and sharing their adventures.

"Our mission is to help your brand engage and connect with  adventurous dog lovers like us."

We offer a unique viewpoint for brands aiming to engage with a community of venturesome pet owners by creating, filming, and editing short-form UGC media that guarantees to spark curiosity and connect with your audience to drive engagement and conversions.

Content Pillars

Social Presence



Our Tiktok channel connects with dog lovers globally, particularly in Canada, the USA, and Mexico. We create viral UGC content and redirect traffic to our diverse brands and partner sites.




Our Instagram channel targets GTA dog-rescue parents, aiming to foster community connection and altruism through nonprofit rescue-related content sharing.

Our Work

Examples of some our most viral paid & unpaid short-form videos

Pet Products


Goal: Product social proof 

Concept: ASMR video showing Matcha's getting ready to go out during a snowstorm. 

Webmaster Harness

Goal: Product Conversions

Concept: Detailed description of the webmaster harness and its benefits.

Dog First Aid Kit

Goal: Product recommendation

Concept: Descriptive video of products recommended for a dog's first aid kit while camping. 

Ontario Parks Map

Goal: Product Conversions


Concept: Unboxing of Ontario Maps Scratch map.

From unboxing videos to narrated reviews, our creative content helps your customers make faster shopping decisions.

Service Providers

Voilà Grocery Delivery

Goal: RTB Reinforcement, brand awareness

Concept: Matcha explains the benefits from her POV of her human using the Voila grocery delivery service. 

GO Transit

Goal: Awareness

Concept: Gabriela describes a trip to a hiking spot using the GO transit emphasizing its convenience as a dog owner.

Dog- Friendly Locations & Travel

Cafe 23 


Goal: Awareness 

Concept: Very few food establishments are dog-friendly. This video attempts to raise awareness of this local coffee shop.

BMV Bookstore

Goal: Foot Traffic

Concept: A day in the life of Matcha exploring a pet-friendly book store and the reasons why it's worth visiting. 

High Falls


Goal: Engagement

Concept: Eye-catching short moments of a trip to a hidden gem in Ontario. 

Ball Falls


Goal: Engagement

Concept: Eye-catching short moments of a trip to Ball Falls. 

We offer a diverse content tapestry that resonates, educates, and entertains your audience, ensuring a seamless journey from idea to delivery.

Rescue Dog

Rescue Dog Tips


Goal: Product conversions

Concept: Fireworks are one of the most stressful noises for dogs. Through this video, viewers get recommendations of products to use to prepare their dogs for fireworks. 

New Rescue Parents

Goal: Awareness

Concept: Tips and products recommended for new dog rescue parents from an experienced rescue parent. 

Work With Us

We specialize in user-generated content creation and are dedicated to providing you with timely and seamless deliverables. Our straightforward process ensures a smooth collaboration:


Initial Discussion

You initiate by sharing your project's essential requirements.


Project Scope Call

We schedule a call with your team to share rates, revisions per content piece and define the project scope in detail.


Proposal Quote

Upon understanding your needs, we present a proposal quote for your review and approval.


Creative Briefing

Once the quote is approved, we send you a creative brief proposal that you can revise and fine-tune to align with your vision.


Content Creation

Following your feedback, we begin the creative process and diligently work on your project.



We ensure that your content is completed on time and handed over to you for your campaign. If quoted, we provide revision rounds to ensure the content meets your expectations.

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